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5 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding Reception

Samantha Wranosky

Posted on May 08 2023

5 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding Reception

Though we often want to include kids in our special day, weddings can be long and tiresome for little ones. Children have a way of bringing their own unique brand of chaos and excitement to the proceedings, which can make it challenging for parents and guests alike. We’ve compiled a list of five fun and easy ideas to keep kids entertained at your wedding. Make your big day fun and memorable for everyone - including the kids!

1. Personalized Kid's Wedding Coloring and Activity Book

One of the best ways to keep children entertained and engaged during a wedding reception is to provide this Kid's Wedding Coloring and Activity Book. This book includes wedding-themed coloring pages, activities similar to MadLibs® and Wordle™ (“Wed-ordle”), plus fun journal prompts that create a memorable keepsake!

Wedding Activity Book on Etsy

The cover of the activity book can be personalized with the Bride and Groom’s name and wedding date & location before printing (just type directly on the PDF file before hitting print!) 

Personalize Wedding Activity Book cover using Adobe Reader

Set them out at the reception for guests as they arrive or have them at individual table settings with a small pack of crayons or colored pencils. Not only will this keep the kids entertained, but it will also give parents a chance to enjoy themselves without constantly worrying about keeping their kids occupied.

Bride and Groom with Activity Book

Besides the kids, this activity book is actually really fun for adults, too! It makes a great icebreaker for the guests at your wedding. The activities can be played together (like MadLibs®) and the journal prompts are fun to spark conversations about the couple. 

Wedding Reception Table

2. Ring Pop Scavenger Hunt

Please note: A few affiliate links below were used in this post to recommend products I love. I appreciate your interest in my suggestions!

Depending on the wedding reception location, you can have ring pops hidden throughout the property like an Easter Egg Hunt. It gives the kids something active to do and it’s going to be something memorable! 

Ring Pops at Wedding Reception

This also serves as a great icebreaker for your little guests and gives them a chance to get to know each other and play together during the reception. 

3. Offer a Kids-Only Game Room

Another way to ensure the kids have a great time at your wedding is to create a designated kids-only game room. This can be a separate area from the main reception with games and activities specifically for children. Consider including board games, puzzles, and even a small indoor ball pit. Hire a babysitter or older teen to supervise the game room, so parents can relax and enjoy the celebration without worrying about their children's safety.

If a game room is not feasible, consider setting up yard games outside, such as Cornhole or Giant Jenga. This allows children to play nearby without disrupting the main reception. Providing ample entertainment options will not only keep the children happy but also prevent them from becoming bored and acting out during the wedding ceremony or reception.

4. Hire a Professional Children's Entertainer

If you want to provide the ultimate entertainment for the kids at your wedding, consider hiring a professional children's entertainer. With a variety of options such as clowns, magicians, and balloon artists, these performers can keep the children engaged and happy during the reception. They also know how to customize their acts to different age groups, ensuring that all kids have a great time. 

And if you're worried about the cost, consider it an investment in your guests' experience. A professional entertainer will take the burden of entertaining the kids off of the parents, allowing them to enjoy the wedding festivities without distraction. Plus, a happy and entertained group of children means more relaxed parents who can fully enjoy your special day.

5. Set Up a Craft Station

Another way to keep children entertained at your wedding is to set up a craft station. This is a fun and creative activity that can keep kids occupied for hours. You can choose to set up the craft station outside or inside, depending on the weather and available space.

Coloring Station

One idea for a craft station is to provide materials for making flower crowns or boutonnieres. This is especially fitting for a wedding and allows kids to create something to wear for the occasion. Other ideas include a coloring station, friendship bracelets, rainbow looms, fuse (Perler) beads, or pony bead crafts. 

Make sure to provide a variety of materials and instructions for each craft so that kids of all ages and skill levels can participate. You can also have an adult or teenager supervise the craft station to assist with any questions or help with more complicated crafts.


In the end, it all comes down to planning. To make sure the little ones have the time of their lives during your wedding day, you need to think ahead and provide them with fun and exciting activities. From coloring activities to craft stations, kid's game rooms, and professional children's entertainers, there are plenty of ways to keep the kids happy and entertained. 

Be sure to check out our Downloadable Wedding Coloring and Activity Book here! 

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