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Samantha B Design Shop Story

I didn't plan to sell ABC Books and Personalized Coloring Pages when I started my shop. It started when I was creating invitations and party goods for friends and family and would then post my complete design in my shop to sell (My sister's wedding led to lots of new products in my shop!) It wasn't until I'd had two of my own kids and had already hosted several baby showers for friends, as well as my sister, that the idea was finally born to create an ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity (just wish I'd created them a little sooner!) Through popular demand, I've quickly expanded to several other "Baby's First" books (Numbers, Colors, & Shapes) as well as personalized pages! My daughter is my best test subject. She loves coloring my pages and also loves to art direct her own coloring sheets for me to design so that she can color. 

I started my business with my Etsy Shop in 2016 and quickly grew with over 1,000 Five Star reviews. I strive to create unique products and offer exceptional customer service. I'm so grateful for my customers for believing in me and my product and continuing to come back for more! 


Samantha B Design Personalized Coloring Sheets My Story

As a child, my first official design job was to create a business card for myself using MacPaint on my Dad's Mac Classic computer. My business name was "Samy's Paper Works" and included my custom balloon illustrations with pattern fills. 

Well, I didn't veer too much from my initial plan (though, there were other plans along the way like becoming an Architect...until I realized there was just a bit too much precision involved for me!) Now over 20 years into my graphic design career, I'm thrilled to be selling personalized coloring sheets and books in my shop

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