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Personalized Gifts and Coloring Sheet Activities (Great Gifts for Young Kids!)

Samantha Wranosky

Posted on September 02 2020

Personalized Gifts and Coloring Sheet Activities (Great Gifts for Young Kids!)

I've always been obsessed with personalized things.

What can I say? I'm an '80s kid! Personalization was all the rage in the '80s and the personalization options have gotten even better now! Pictured above, you can see I still have some of my favorite personalized items from when I was a kid (yes, the eraser on that pencil is a little dry! Ha!) 

So I think one of the BEST parts of my illustrated coloring sheets and books are the personalized pages for my Baby's First ABC Books! (To read more about the best baby shower activity and keepsake, head over to this post.) I've spent hours creating a wide variety of illustrated heads, bodies, babies, and even pets.

How can you Personalize a Stick Figure?

They all start with a simple stick figure but the slight details in hair and accessories are what make an illustration into a unique person. Every slight detail adds to the personalization and uniqueness of each person or pet. And remember, the final piece of personalization comes with the coloring! Coloring your illustration with the correct hair color, favorite clothing colors, even adding your favorite logo or place to the clothing--those all make your coloring sheets truly unique!

These are just a few of the illustration options from Samantha B Design:


If you don't see a detail (or a dog breed!) that works for you, send me a message and let me know! I'm happy to work with you to make your personalized coloring truly special.

And these personalized illustrations aren't just for the Baby's First ABC Books! They are PERFECT for "My Very Own Family" coloring sheets and books. These make great house warming gifts, wedding gifts, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, and more! Kids (and adults!) love seeing their very own names or "characters" as coloring sheets. They can also be a great hospital gift for a big sibling welcoming the new baby or a celebration of two families uniting as one. 


What I also love about our personalized coloring sheets is that they are not only personalized & unique but you or your little one can add your own touches when you color. Visit our shop on to see even more personalized coloring including personalized birthday party favors and activities! Below is a page from the Super Science Coloring Sheet collection in our shop on Etsy. 



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